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GO-Hydro (Portable Safe Drinking Water for Your Pet)

GO-HydroMate (Portable Safe Drinking Water for Your Pet) - www.GadgetsOnline.co

GO-Hydro (Portable Safe Drinking Water for Your Pet)

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🐶Don't Risk Contaminated Water🐱

There's at least 5 waterborne diseases pets can contract.

Our lovely companions rely on us to keep them safe & hydrated and healthy. It is our responsibility to make sure our animals have clean, uncontaminated water when we take them out into the world.

This device makes sure you know what they are drinking. 

GO-HydroMate Benefits:

✅ Keeps Your Pet Hydrated
✅ Leak-Proof Design
✅ Easily Portable Transportable
✅ Fits In Your Bag, Purse, or Pocket
✅ Water Easily Flows in or out with Full Control
✅ Safe Materials for Humans and Pets

    Potentially Dangerous Water Sources:

    • Park Puddles
    • Pool Water
    • Stagnant Ponds & Lakes
    • Toilet Water
    • Ocean Water
    • Home/Yard Puddles
    • Distilled Water ( Lacks Minerals Your Pet Needs)

    GO-HydroMate makes the responsibility to our pets easy to honor by providing a safe water source wherever we go. No matter where you are GO-HydrateMate is there with you.

       Keep your babies safe can help ensure a long and healthy life for your pet.

      With this Safe & Portable device, you can make sure what your pet drinks outside is as good as what you give them at home!

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        I am a truck driver and being able to wear my mask around my neck is really great. This Go-Comfy strap gives me options. 


        I absolutely love this! After wearing my mask all day it started to cut into my ears. 


        Thank you for the cavitation device. I already have chubby cheeks and after my first child it was even worse. This device got rid of my double chin and slimmed my face as well. 

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