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GO-Comfy Flow™️ (Talk & Breathe Easier with a mask)

GO-Comfy Flow™️ (Talk & Breathe Easier with a mask)

GO-Comfy Flow™️ (Talk & Breathe Easier with a mask)

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😍The Perfect Mask Companion! 😍

Wearing a mask may be mandatory but it doesn't have to be uncomfortable! If you are having trouble breathing, talking, or dislike the confines of a mask, then you are in the right place. We focus on products that make our mandatory tasks less of a chore

Introducing GO-Comfy™️ Flow

Use this Wonderful, Eco-Friendly product to recover some of the important things lost from wearing a mask. Now your friends and family will be able to hear you more clearly. Even wearing lipstick is an option!

There are many uses & benefits to our product so be sure to check them out below or get creative and come up with your own 👍

With this wonderful accessory, you can keep your mask off of your face and have plenty of room to talk & breathe. Check out some of the benefits below!

GO-Comfy™️ Flow BENEFITS:

Talk/Breathe Easier】Reclaim precious space to Talk & breathe. Perfect for Claustrophobia

【ECO Friendly】SAFE Non-Toxic Silicone, recyclable and washable for reuse. 

PROTECT MAKEUPProtect Lipstick and Makeupbye keeping the mask away from your face and lips. 

【PERFECT FOR GLASSESPrevents Glasses from Fogging up from restricted airflow. 

】 Easily Modified with Scissors making it adjustable and adaptable for anything. 

✅ 【Comfortable Design】Fits Comfortably on the Face and is soft to the touch, making it an easy fit. 

✅ 【TIP】- Can be Threaded to your Mask or attached with Double-Sided tape to fit a variety of uses. 

The Larger the Pack the Larger the Savings!

🔥 High Demand Product:  Please allow 6-14 business days for USA Delivery (Mainland) and 1 additional week for Alaska and Hawaii. Please allow 14-30 days for international Delivery. 
See our FAQ for more detailed information. 

Package includes: Silicone mask bracket
(Note: This product is only a mask accessory no mask included)

Join our Happy Customers!

I am a truck driver and being able to wear my mask around my neck is really great. This Go-Comfy strap gives me options. 


I absolutely love this! After wearing my mask all day it started to cut into my ears. 


Thank you for the cavitation device. I already have chubby cheeks and after my first child it was even worse. This device got rid of my double chin and slimmed my face as well. 

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