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GO-Ultrasound Gels - Fat Burning or Sensitive Skin

GO-Ultrasound Gels - Fat Burning or Sensitive Skin

GO-Ultrasound Gels - Fat Burning or Sensitive Skin

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Compatible with GO-Ultra.

Here we offer two types of Ultrasound Gel for our Go-Ultra device. The first is our Sensitive Full Body Gel which can be used all over the body. This Gel has no Fat Burning properties and doesn't heat up.

The second is our Fat Burning Slimming Gel This Anti Cellulite gel provides many benefits not found in regular conductive or Ultrasound gel.  

Both are recommended for use with our GO-Ultra device. You can use the fat-burning gel for the increased benefit and faster results but are not necessary although some form of Ultrasound Gel is required. This Gel has warming properties that help speed up results when used with our device.

Additional Slimming Gel Benefits:

Anti-cellulite properties help break down fat cells in problem areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. It absorbs into the skin and attacks those unwanted fat tissues.

✔️ Made for use with infrared and ultrasonic devices, to increase benefits

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    How to use:

    After cleaning the skin, apply a small amount on the selected area and massage it into the skin. Use a small circular motion to stimulate blood flow. This gel has healing properties and can temporarily redden and warm the skin. This is temporary and goes away over time after cleaning it from your skin. Test on a small area of skin first in case of allergies. 

    10 fl oz, 300 ml

    Warning: The slimming version of this gel is not hypoallergenic and will cause warming of the area it's applied to. This is a temporary effect that will subside over time. If you suffer from sensitive skin please use sparingly and test on sensitive areas before applying larger amounts.

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    I am a truck driver and being able to wear my mask around my neck is really great. This Go-Comfy strap gives me options. 


    I absolutely love this! After wearing my mask all day it started to cut into my ears. 


    Thank you for the cavitation device. I already have chubby cheeks and after my first child it was even worse. This device got rid of my double chin and slimmed my face as well. 

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